Cleaning and Saddling
Do you use a breast collar? if so, make sure you're not tying
your saddle too far forward.
Put the saddle and pad on (over a good thin sweat pad).
Most western riders use a GOOD THIN NAVAJO.
Leave the breast collar loose and just snug the cinch - pick up and stretch the front legs allowing the saddle to slip back then push him back 4 or 5 steps and walk him back where you started.
This allows the shoulders to roll the saddle to the center of gravity - then cinch him up and put on the breast collar. It may feel to far back for you but you will get used to it and he will work better longer.

Next test: put your saddle on with nothing under it - make sure it doesn't rock back and forth, bridge, too narrow or have a broken or warped tree.
Bridging is straight bars putting pressure at the front and back, you can see daylight between the middle of the back and saddle or slide your hand under it - (you probably know this).
A horse's saddle should fit as close as possible.
Saddle tree too wide or narrow?
Use your "little, ring & middle finger while you are in the saddle.
From the top of the withers to the saddle (pommel) they should fit,
If you can get 4 or more (too narrow) sits to high on the horse.
Less than 2 fingers (too wide) sits to low on the horse.
A good saddler will come out & help you.
It should not rock back and forth with no padding and not cinched.
Remember to check for a warped or broken tree!
Only a GOOD horse saddler can tell.
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[ * The Western SaddleRight Pad (100% wool felt bottom, any top) was designed to be used with or without a sweat pad. However, most riders use a good THIN Navajo or our sweat pad (1/8th inch 100% wool felt). (especially in dusty areas) sweat + dust = sandpaper. Brush and Vacuum entire pad to clean. Use no attachments HARD PULL!.
* The English/Dressage glove leather: Use the normal cotton show pad or
our fleece cover. Just wipe clean and oil with virgin olive oil or a non-wax base saddle soap. ]
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