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Rumor in barns: Horses eat dirt because they are deficient in minerals.

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Normal horses temperature: 99.5 - 101 - according to most Veterinarians.

Age: average is 25 years, Best performance 3 to 13

Gelding: Castration of a Stallion. ( Alter, cut )

Barren: A mare that didn't "settle" or is not in foal.

Birth Date: All horses are 1 year older "Jan 1"

15 hands: Height of a horse, each hand = 4 inches.

The skeleton of the horse. How many bones?

The number will vary according to the breed and presence or absence of the first carpal bone in each front knee. Generally, the horse has 205 bones (54 vertebral column, 36 ribs, 1 sternum, 34 skull, 40 front legs, 40 hindlegs). The number of tail coccygeal vertebrae is usually 18 but can also vary.
This supports the muscles, protects the internal organs, and possesses the necessary mobility for the horse to move at various speeds, lie down or graze.

The average human has 206!

Try to always warm your horses up in large figure eights at a walk, trot - jog.
Reason: To check diagonals, are they EVEN but strong? Warms the muscle groups evenly.

Does your horse have Bad foot growth, weak walls?
Try painting coronet band with castor oil.
(Old KY race horse track vet remedy)

A horses saddle should fit as close as possible, then pad it properly.
Saddle tree too wide or narrow?
Use your "little, ring & middle finger while you are in the saddle. From the top of the withers to the saddle (pommel) they should fit, (vertically).
If you can get 4 or more (too narrow) sits to high on the horse.
Less than 2 fingers (too wide) sits to low on the horse.
A good saddler will come out & help you.
It should not rock back and forth with no padding and not cinched.
Remember to check for a warped or broken tree!
Only a GOOD horse saddler can tell.
(warning signs) White hair, swelling, sores, top line weak (atrophied muscles) Uneven leads, Diagonals, ETC. Time to buy our pad!

Horse have sensitive skin? rubbing out main or tail? tried everything?
Try a castile (bar) soap bath, lather and rinse well,
do this twice. Then pour on Listerine liberally.
Let the horse drip dry in the SHADE.

Horse skin conditions can be spread by tack and common grooming tools, have a set for each horse.

"If horses understand the key we give, and are not in pain, the horse will perform"
hint, a packed down or compressed saddle pad causes pain

IF you use a breast collar on your horse, don't force the saddle too far forward (seek the center of gravity)

Equitation: The rider is judged ... Not the horses

All horses perform better under a SaddleRight saddle pad.
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why saddles can't fit horses properly

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