Saddles are major problems for all horses. Here's why:

Saddles just can't fit horses correctly.

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If you look closely at your horse's back, you will see signs of atrophy in the back and hip muscles (Muscle shrinkage.) These muscles must build and develop under saddles. Every time I examined horses, I almost always found the trouble in withers and surrounding areas. The low side must be allowed to build up and even out the top line.

In human athletes, pelvic girdle and leg muscle problems stem from neuro lymphatic reflex centers and acupuncture meridian connectors. These centers are located on our upper spine; on horses, these sensitive spots lie exactly where saddle bars rest.

This constant pressure over-stimulates muscle groups, reducing muscle efficiency, especially in pelvic girdle muscles (rear end), forcing horses on the forehand, favoring leads and diagonals, among other things.

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Decreased circulation is only one problem that can be caused by using wrong saddle pads. Check your horse using these simple tests:

  • Look at your horse. Sit on him bareback and look down at his upper shoulders (below hollow of withers). You will see that one shoulder is more developed, with larger muscles.
  • Place your hands on his shoulder blades, (left hand on left blade, right hand on right blade). Have someone lead your horse off. You will feel one shoulder dropping lower as your horse moves. Now get off and have someone lead your horse away from you.
  • Observe your horse's hip action. Do both hips rise and fall equally? Does one side remain lower with each step? (Unequal hip action gives you early warning of Hock, Stifle, Leg problems.)

If your horse shows uneven conformation, as virtually all horses do, you will see immediately why saddles CAN'T fit horses on both sides. No "even" saddle, no matter how well made, can properly fit an "uneven" horse.

Even worse, with riders mounted, saddles ROLL, placing more weight on lower shoulder muscles, which are very large, important muscle groups. This constant stress interferes with proper blood flow and blocks certain reflex centers, causing impaired function.

Trying to escape this pressure, horses pull affected shoulders further down. This unnatural motion not only promotes muscle shrinkage, but causes mechanical imbalance, stressing the entire equine body (especially the rear -- again, Hocks, Stifle, and Legs).

A stressed, unbalanced horse can no longer be a free flowing, supple mover. It might tire quickly, leads may not come easily, and its attitude could deteriorate. These effects are especially serious in strenuous competitive conditions. Your horse can never reach its full potential, and problems started when that first saddle was cinched on.

Only ONE Saddle Pad Solves This Problem!

After intensive research and completely testing other materials (such as gel, air, water, foam, rubber, sorbethane, neoprene), we secured exclusive rights for a newly discovered, patented material that rebounds instantly and forever.

Other materials pack, settle, conform to unequal development, then aggravate muscles. Our exclusive material retains its original form, even after thousands of compressions. We've encased ½” of this high impact, energy deflecting material in supple, specially tanned leather, so that everything breathes. This process produces the only saddle pads that can protect any horse's vital systems under all conditions.

Think About It.

Early fatigue, unexplained body soreness, crankiness, tail wringing, refusals, uneven leads, uneven diagonals, weak behind, (Hocks/Legs again), loss of lateral flexibility, among other problems--- All can be caused by the same muscle stress that causes problems in humans.

If you put constant pressure on your own muscles (crossing your legs, resting your arm against the window sill while you're driving, sitting too long), you lose normal blood flow. This loss of flow causes temporary anemia, called ischemia, in muscles. When you try moving them, they tingle, ache, feel "dead." You can't use those muscles until they regain normal circulation ("wake up").

That's how saddle pressure affects your horse. Saddle bars cut off normal circulation if his saddle pad packs down, bunches up -- no longer provides protection. Asymmetrical conformation (one shoulder/hip lower) makes common saddle pad materials pack even faster. Your horse can get in trouble very quickly with conventional saddle pads.

SaddleRight Pads NEVER Stop Protecting Your Horse

Saddle pressure must be deflected to keep your horse's muscles and reflex centers healthy. Without constant protection from saddle stress, your horse can develop performance problems even veterinarians can't explain.

That's why I designed our SaddleRight pad.

Our material constantly distributes rider weight away from saddle bars, effectively relieving steady pressure every horse would otherwise suffer. Our pad's high rebound properties guarantee that it will always resume its original shape.

SaddleRight guarantees results for life!

We guarantee our saddle pad's effectiveness for life! If it doesn't improve your horse's performance within 30 days, return it and get your money back.
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- Summary -

A good reputation inspires attempts at imitation. Since 1986, SaddleRight, Inc. has been Number One in quality Orthopedic Competition saddle pads -- saddle pads that actually improve horses' performance. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations!

Our goal: providing the best possible saddle pads and prices. Our reputation speaks for itself! We will not sacrifice quality for profit.

No other company guarantees their saddle pads effective for LIFE. Ours will NEVER pack down, compress and stop benefiting your horse. It is improving horses' performance all over our world.

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