SaddleRight, Inc. Has improved Horses since 1986 [ nobody believed it ] BUT IT HAPPENED! (now worldwide).
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SaddleRight, Inc. Guarantee

The only Saddle Pad guaranteed effective for life!

We guarantee to Improve your Horse (s)

And make you happy OR:

you simply get your MONEY BACK!

SaddleRight, Inc.
PO Box 42579 Las Vegas, NV. 89116-0579
1-800-677-6970 Local (702) 434-1800
(est: 1986)

  • Unconditional 30 days. You can even get an extension with correspondence!
  • Workmanship one year.
  • The material inside the pad will never fail, guaranteed FOREVER.

It will never pack down, compress or change in any form, in fact, it gets better with age. Our pads sold in 1987 checks out better than they did when new.
If the cover becomes chewed up by a dog, horse or is destroyed in any way you get a new pad for the price of a cover - if you decide to simply change colors, trade it in and all you pay for is the new cover. Most Pads sold many years ago still do not need recovered.
Anytime you choose to replace your pad, for any reason, all you pay for is a recover. Another plus is not having to re - flock saddles very often. We have some barns with 50 to 60 pads that have not had to re - pack their saddles since 1987. Some have worn out saddles and had to replace them and the pads are still going strong.
All you do is call us - pay for the recover and we send you a new pad and you simply send your old pad back to us in the same box - that way your horse is never ridden without protection (this has proved to be very important)!

In order to get a better understanding about our policies please call:
(toll free) 1-800-677-6970 ask for Janette or Dr. Freeman and talk it thru, no obligation.

Freeman, Dr. Michael R.


- Summary -
When you establish a reputation second to none, you
inspire those who would try to emulate you.
When it comes to reputations, SaddleRight, Inc.
is number one in quality Orthopedic Competition saddle
{Saddle pads that actually improve horses performance.}
We have gained this position by offering the highest
quality saddle pads for horses since 1986.
Our mission is to provide for horses the best possible
saddle pads at the best prices. Reputation SELLS it!
We will not sacrifice quality for PROFIT.
We are the only company that guarantees their saddle
pads to be effective for LIFE.
It will NEVER pack down, compress or stop working.
Improving horses Performance all over the world.
(The Original Orthopedic Saddle Pad)
1-800-677-6970 Call and ask Questions - NO Obligations!


Dr. Michael R. Freeman
Chiropractic Physician 
Applied Kinesiologist

SaddleRight, Inc. PO Box 42579 
Las Vegas, Nevada 89116-0579
1-800-677-6970 Local (702) 434-1800




Copyright 1986 - 2014 SaddleRight, Inc.