The latest in mattress structure.
Initially, we tried to compartmentalize (create small cells), however,
this just created a hard surface under the saddle bars, basically just a hard extension
of the bars! It simply does not work. (Basics - call 1-800-677-6970 for full explanation)

Note where the shoulder and hip is forcing air or liquid down and away.
This may be comfortable for the person, but the pressure below the
shoulder and hip would be increased!
The shoulder and hip represent the saddle pressure directly below the
SADDLE BARS on the horses back.
A saddle pushes down against a liquid or air pad, pushing it away from the
pressure, giving some comfort to the rider but over stimulates and increases pressure
on the horseís back.
Other pads just pack down or compress prematurely, offering no protection.
This was the problem we successfully worked to overcome in 1986.
This is why we state "a saddle pad should NEVER allow a saddle and riderís
weight to press steadily against the horses back". With our pad, horses experience less pressure,
horse and rider receive less shock!

The success of our pad is due to the complex densities of this one of a kind materialóproduced by only one company. Yes, it costs more to produce than inferior products on the market today. But, SaddleRight pads are Guaranteed to improve your horse - and remain effective FOREVER!

Dr. Michael R. Freeman
Chiropractic Physician,
Applied Kinesiologist.

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