Matt Jobe

Matt Jobe, lives with his wife, Angie, on their ranch, C Bar J, in Windsor, MO. Matt offers clinics and private lessons on his ranch, or he can bring his expertise to you. Matt believes in teaching riders how to raise their expectations of their horse and never accept a “maybe” from them. While working with Matt, the rider will learn how to exert more confidence while working with their horse, both on the ground and in the saddle. Clients will learn to accept only a “yes ma'am/ sir” from their horse, and how to comprehend when your horse is not giving you their best effort. During this process, the rider will develop a well-rounded horse that is ready to perform in any direction.

Matt also offers training for your horse at his ranch facility where he spends time with your horse to analyze them, then he can provide the guidance that they need to overcome their people problems. He does this by giving the horse a clear cut direction, asking them to perform, and then getting out of their way. He can offer this in a variety of formats that are best suited to your horses needs.

Matt enjoys spending his “free time" traveling around the Mid-West performing with his horses in Mounted Shooting, Extreme Cowboy Racing, and American Horseman Challenges. Matt exhibits passion in each of his competitions for obtaining the best performances out of himself and his equine partners. During his adventures, he has earned World, National, Regional and State titles.

2018 Cmsa National Champion

2017 AHCA National Finals Reserve Champion

2016 MSP World Champion

2016 AHCA Missouri State Champion

2015 EXCA Mid-Central Champion

2015 EXCA Kansas State Champion

Multiple State and Regional Championships in mounted shooting and obstacle challenges